Francesca Cinalli


She graduated at the I.A.T. Gong_Institute Traditional Arts Institute of Genova. She’s the author and the choreographer of the dance-theatre work Niji Award ErmoColle 2012 and for events of IIC di Jakarta Indonesia, In Superficie Award ErmoColle 2016, Verso Une Flèche Award Festival Troia Teatro 2017, Sinfonia H2O Award Choreographer Residence Lavanderia a Vapore 2019. From 2016 activate the training course CAMPI CREATIVI aimed at young people under 25. She is an associated artist for Platform Workspace RicercaX. She dance with the Cie Atou de Lyon for Hidden Body Junes Event 2016 Atelier de Paris Carolyn Carlson, Danses en Chantier Paris, Fabrica Europa, Festival Carthage Danse of Tunis and for Limpid Sun Setouchi Japan 2019. She collaborate with Amina Amici for Luci di Carni 2019.