Gabriel Beddoes


Gabriel begins studing dance in 1994 in Naples. Between 2003 and 2005 improves his training at The Place, in London and then moves to Bruxelles where he gets in contact with several artists and teachers of contemporary dance, therefore developing and settling his own dialectic. From 2005 to 2007 attended classes and workshops with Thierry Smits, Peter Jasko, Inaki Azpillaga, David Zambrano, Annabelle Bonnery, Joanne Leighton, Marion Ballester and many others. In 2008 he's been assigned first prize with "Comp. K" at the 16th edition of "Coreografo Elettronico" as young author. Since then he's frequently collaborated with the E.T.I. untill closure, and have been hosted in several Festivals, as "Anticorpi" Ravenna, "La Piattaforma" Torino, "Oriente Occidente" Rovereto, "Spazi per la danza contemporanea" Rome, Turin, Naples. In 2010 he's awarded with first prize at "Danz'è", with funded commission by the festival to produce a performance for the 2011 edition of Oriente Occidente. Since 2012 he lives in Turin, where he regularly works with cultural institutions, besides teaching dance classes and expanding his knowledge of Community Dance and Shadow Theatre.