We dance the everyday: the minimal, invisible, imperfect details revealing the deepest aspects of our human being. We dance the vulnerability: a wince, a contradiction, an hesitation, a wait. In a time that is a nostalgic now, leaning towards the future, moving from the individual with the obligation to speak in the name of everyone. In a place that is here, crossing and carrying the whole body to embrace the world. In a form that is an offered gesture, poor and peripheral, able to rename things.


(S. Mazzotta)



a manifesto



Zerogrammi is a dance company founded in 2005, directed by choreographer Stefano Mazzotta, supported by Piedmont Region and MIBAC/Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage. The organic journey of discovery, leading to creation (27 titles realized in collaboration with theaters and festivals in Italy, Russia, Portugal, Holland, Spain, Germany) comes to compositional work through dramatic and choreographic research, social and educational projects, residences built around specific anthropological and geographical interests, practice of languages such as photography, plastic arts, literature, to give to the creative work new signs, new meanings and an experience-based baggage representing the essential tool with which we come to the construction of our artistic work, renewing its sense and urgency. (...) From these concept have arsose creations that embrace inspirations and stimuli from the most diverse worlds. Literature and philosophy, tradition and everyday life have given birth to original and sharp, ironic and intense performances, works marked by a careful integrity (Hystrio Award 2013).



and staff

Today the creative activity of Zerogrammi sees a family of 4 authors, 2 playwrights, 1 lighting designer, 1 production assistant, 1 communication manager, 1 administrator and 15 interpreters at work.


our venue

Since 2013 the headquarters of our activities is LUFT, a venue based in Turin dedicated to CREATION in the field of lperforming arts, a place for TRAININGRESEARCH and PRODUCTION that deals with the body as a tool of poetry, encouraging opportunities for human, artistic and cultural  EXCHANGE. Our artistic coworking project, PERMUTAZIONI,  in 6 editions realized  hosted  57 COREOGRAPHIC PROJECTS and permanent training activities. At CASA LUFT we collaborate with Piemonte dal Vivo Foundation (of which we are partners in the governance which coordinates the activities of Lavanderia a Vapore - EDN member and regional center for dance), Med'Arte (network composed by 29 international partners) and several organizations operating in the national area.