PERMUTAZIONI is a project by Zerogrammi in collaboration with Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo that will take place at LUFT casacreativa, a space dedicated to creative and productive activities in the context of contemporary performing arts. The project, based on artistic residencies, aims to promote opportunities for discussion and support around the creation of live performances. Networking with similar ITALIAN projects and drawing inspiration from good examples on a international level, "PERMUTAZIONI" intends to respond to artists’ needs. The choreographic coworking, heart of the project "PERMUTA-ZIONI", is a prerequisite and starting point in the construction of an actual space for sharing and compa- ring good practices, development of skills, protection of creative paths and, not least, constructive dialogue between artists and audience for the benefit of a systematic process of dissemination and education in the field of contemporary performative languages; a bridge with the territory, able to suggest a dynamic idea of cultural and artistic development.

The distinctive feature of "PERMUTAZIONI" consists of an Exchange Agreement, a barter activity that each artist will subscribe when joining the project.
The artists will be part of a process of barter that will lead them to exchange ideas and skills in seminar, training and performing activities, starting from the techniques and subjects addressed by their personal creative projects. "PERMUTAZIONI" encourages the construction of a "social capital” intended as "collective wealth", a dimension of openness to others, which is not affected by the achievement of an immediate profit. "PERMUTAZIONI" is a collective resource, built on trust and the existence of a community, where artists are the "values" and "bearers of value”.

"Elogio alla gentilezza" (2020)
"A tale for the rootless" (2020)
"Virgolette" (2018/2019)
"Granito" (2018/2019)
"Luci di carni" (2017/2018)
"Guardasenti" (2018)
"Zancle" (2017/2018)
"Oltremai" (2018)
"Hor tani" (2017/2018)
"Stato di grazia" (2018)
"Ballata" (2018)
"Choros" (2018)
"Pulse" (2018)
"Dangerous" (2018)
"Ni una menos" (2018)
"Jakob" (2018)
"Tempo" (2017)
"Nostos" (2017)
"Due" (2017)
"Dei dadi" (2017)
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UNIVERSITA' DEGLI STUDI DI TORINO, TORINODANZA FESTIVAL, MED'ARTE (Associazione Tersicorea - Italia, Compagnia Heliotropion - Francia, Compagnia Borderlinedanza - Italia, Twain physical dance theatre - Italia, Centro Daiva Jyoti / Cie La Bagarre - Italia, Compagnia Nut - Italia, La pietra pomice - Italia, Compagnia Càjka - Teatri di mare- Italia, Asmed Associazione Sarda Musica e Danza - Italia, Maya INC Società Cooperativa Art - Italia, Compagnia Muxarte - Italia, Associazione Enti Locali per le attività Culturali e di Spettacolo - Italia, CEDAC -Circuito Multidisciplinare - Italia, AssociazioneSuoni&Pause - Italia, Cooperativa Sant’Elia 2003 - Italia, La FucinaTeatro/Crogiuolo - Italia, Compagnia Koreoproject - Italia, Associazione Fin Doc - Italia, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa per le arti contemporanee - Italia, Association Culturelle Scaraboum /Théâtre Crac: Fabrique de mensonges - Francia, Association KAMAR - Tunisia, Caravansar Producción Y Gestión - Spagna, Asociacion Cultural Metacau - Spagna, Centro studi Ipogei SPECUS - Spagna, Teatro Cafè de Las Artes - Spagna