ph. J. Landsberg


Stefano Mazzotta/Zerogrammi


Once more he still saw

the girl’s face, that turned towards him

with a smile, bright as hope,

that was almost a promise: fulfilled,

to come back up from the depths of Death

to him, the Living –

At that, indeed, he threw

his hands over his face, as he knelt there,

so as to see nothing more than that smile.


(Alcesti, R. M. Rilke)

Suite Alcestis is a rewrite of "Alcestis" by Euripides, a project started in 2014. 

The story of Euripides' heroine is divided into distinct and complementary chapters directed by choreographer Stefano Mazzotta, three creations that deal with recurring themes in the literature of all time: farewell love, sacrifice and death. Does the idea of sacrifice still exist in contemporary pedagogy? Are we still able to feel the poetry of "farewell", though no longer used to the feeling of remoteness? What is love in the era of "liquid" society?

Alcestis gives shape and sound to these questions, using poetry, the language of beauty and pain, the language of salvation and hope, a universal language able to transcend ages and cultural differences.


The first chapter of the work debuted in Germany in April 2014 in collaboration with the State Theatre in Osnabrueck. The debut of the second chapter will take place in 2015.

(...) Jede noch so kleine, beredte Fingergeste, jede der schnellen, geschmeidigen Tanzfiguren, im Pas de deux oder in der Formation strahlt die emotionale Gewissheit dieser Liebe und dieses Selbstopfers aus. […] ,Es ist, was es ist’ sagt die Liebe hier mit Erich Fried. Und was die Tänzer in ihren jeweiligen Landessprachen beitragen, klingt nicht weniger entschieden.

(Christine Adam, Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung)


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progetto, regia e coreografie

project, direction and choreography

Stefano Mazzotta

assistente coreografo

assistant choreographer

Miroslak Zydowicz



Vasna Felicia Aguilar, Saori Ando, Etienne Aweh, Chris Bauer, Keith Chin, Gustavo Gomes, Christopher Havner, Hsiao-Ting Liao, Noemi Emanuela Martone, Amadeus Marek Pawlica

costumi, scene e disegno luci

costumes, scenes and light design

Stefano Mazzotta

assistente costumista e scenografa

Theresa Schmerge

direttore di scena

stage director

Christian Schubert



Dieter Hallmann, Ludger Wamhoff


make up

Barber Albrecht, Andrea Jasper

in collaborazione con

in collaboration with

Theater Osnabruek

con il sostegno di

with the support of

Regione Piemonte, MIBAC