ph. S. Mazzotta


Emanuele Sciannamea/Zerogrammi


Sport goes looking for the fear to dominate it, the effort to triumph over it, the difficulty to overcome it.

(P. De Coubertin)

Sport as place of "democracy" is built on values to strive for in everyday life, from school to work, from leisure to politics. Sport has a dynamic structure where you can escape from the common roles and express your identity, highlighting even the most emotional aspects.

Teams unavoidably face subjects such as sharing, respect for differences, collective and individual responsibility, loyalty. FUORIGIOCO tells, with humor, the typical dynamics of  a "team” as a group of individuals who belong to the same society. This dance story shows human limits, virtues and vices, bringing on stage the truth – unity is strength – which guarantees the effectiveness of any group of people.

A truth which transpires less and less between the relations of our society where we seems to be increasingly alone and weak. In a series of ironic situations is told the breakup and then the connection between the protagonists, timeless  and bizarre characters suspended and messy, looking for an equilibrium. A balance always ephemeral, fleeting, that pushes individuals to imagine, discover, and reorganize new solutions to coexist, to deceive or fight divisive tensions and try to win. Together. (E. Sciannamea)

(...) Emanuele Sciannamea con “Fuorigioco” è riuscito a fare un ottimo lavoro. Ridere, emozionarsi, stupirsi e riflettere, queste le sensazioni suscitate nel pubblico dal coreografo torinese con il suo ultimo spettacolo che ha debuttato in prima nazionale al festival Mirabilia di Fossano. (...) Bravissimi gli interpreti impegnati in coreografie fluide e ben strutturate che sono riusciti a raccontare storie ed emozioni con piccole ma efficaci sfumature e con momenti di pura ilarità da parte degli spettatori.

(F. Cassine)


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regia e coreografie

direction and choreography

Emanuele Sciannamea



Emanuele Sciannamea, Rosanna Todisco




in collaborazione con

in collaboration with

Festival Mirabilia (It), Fondazione Live Piemonte dal Vivo (It), Università degli Studi di Torino, Luft Casa Creativa (It), Torino 2015 Capitale Europea dello Sport

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Agil Volley Novara, CUS AD MAIORA Torino, HB Torino UICEP, CIP Regione Piemonte

con il sostegno di Compagnia di San Paolo, Regione Piemonte, MIBAC


The creation is part of the project MENS ATHLETICA supported by Scene allo sBando/COMPAGNIA DI SAN PAOLO in frame of the activities related to Torino 2015 Capitale Europea dello Sport.