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How I dance my music,

how I music my dance.

Three listening paintings, three "rooms" of three different contemporary composers. Immerse yourself in listening to a piece of music to draw inspiration from it. Observe the differences and the rhythmic, tonal and formal connections. Try to understand how music writing and choreographic composition are connected. Find or imagine a free zone, where music and choreography distance themselves from formal abstraction and "emotional" commentary.

di e con

by and with

Amina Amici

musiche di

music by

Bruno de Franceschi, Piano preparato 14 – eseguito da Bruno de Franceschi, Steve Reich, Pieces of wood – esegiuto da Tetraktis Percussioni, John Cage, Third Construction – eseguito da Tetraktis Percussioni

produzione esecutiva

executive production


con il sostegno di

with the support of

Workspace Ricerca X edizione 2018