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Luci di Carni originates from the fascination and connection of three SALIENCIES.


Hands, wolves, Caravaggio and chiaroscuro. Light cuts appear, where they were before, where they have always been, seen for the first time. Animal nature as a  belonging. Caravaggio howls at the moon, the wolf is cut from the same light. Hands that tell, at the same time, the thought and the evolution of the paw and the claw. And that vein, that tension of faces and mortal life, stopped there on the canvas by the Merisi vision. I let myself be invaded. 



The performance plays on a hidden modification of roles within an "ecosystem", a continuous variation of geographic-spatial configuration. In nature, significant changes occur due to the loss or introduction of an animal species.  In the  Yellowstone Park a group of wolves were reintroduced after a long absence. A key species, precious, "obliterated" /neglected for a long time. After the wolves were reintroduced, one of the most significant trophic cascade occurred. That triggered a series of positive changes capable of transforming the vegetative, hydrographical and geographical layout of the park. 


Starting from this substratum - in which the elements are interconnected, in continuous transformation and in a causal relationship with each other three iconographic saliences emerge: the paintings of Caravaggio, the packs of wolves, the power of hand transmission.


As if by a continuous and dense movement dualities could emerge, could surface: animal/ beast and technique , ephemeral and seduction, light and shadow.




progetto e coreografia

project and choreography

Amina Amici

creato con e interpretato da

created with and interpreted by

Francesca Cinalli, Andrea de Luca, Riccardo Micheletti, Cinzia Sità, Amina Amici

consulenza drammaturgica

dramaturgical advice

Carlotta Scioldo

musiche originali

original music composed by

Bruno de Franceschi

disegno luci

light design 

Francesco Dell’Elba

collaborazione alla scenografia

collaboration to the scenography 

BATNA Studio




con il contributo di

with the contribution of

HOME Centro Creazione Coreografica – progetto residenze Dance Gallery Perugia, Workspace Ricerca X, Research & Dramatury, Lavanderia a Vapore


con il sostegno di

with the support of

Regione Piemonte, MIBAC