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No tenemos nada nuestro excepto el tiempo, del cual disfrutan los

mismos que no tienen morada.

(Baltasar Gracián, Oráculo manual y arte de prudencia)

Nostos is a romantic abstraction of the homeless, a story told through the body, its manipulations, gestures, movements, in which the disciplines of dance and contemporary circus art are combined. The two dancers/actors create and unveil the stereotypes of the ordinary life of a couple like many others, with a great sense of humour and existential drama. The duo breaks up amongst boredom and routine while searching for the identity of the two individuals. Melancholic and dreamlike pictures come to life on the scene evolving through illusion, game and multiplication of objects. In this carousel destined to an eternal repetition, the two grotesque clown dancers hang in the balance, spin in the air like tops, smile, face and trust on each other. Circadi, with his performance Nostos, a mixture of dance, gestural theater and the circus, takes us into unforgettable universes like those of Charlie Chaplin or Keaton. This duo of young talented artists has more than a decade of professional training and experience. Nostos has a delicacy and simplicity that only belongs to the great stage works. With its exceptionally simple mis-en-scene, Nostos is a performance that fills with warmth, good mood and tenderness every corner of the stall. (A. Pola)




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a creation by

Lucrezia Maimone e Sebastian Sobrado



Lucrezia Maimone



Lucrezia Maimone, Sebastián Sobrado

consulenza artistica

artistic advice

Roberto Magro, Simonetta Pusceddu, Stefano Mazzotta


disegno luci

light design

Tommaso Contu



Cinzia Medda



Federica Liseni






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with the support of

Permutazioni 2017/CasaLUFT, Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo e Festival Palcoscenico Danza/Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa), Café de las Artes (Sp), Teatro MoMoti (It), Comune di Cagliari, Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, Regione Piemonte, MIBAC Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali e del Turismo


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Gianni Melis