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Emanuele Sciannamea/Zerogrammi


L’orizzonte è la linea della lontananza. È la lontananza che si rappresenta, si fa presenza, restando lontananza. È la lontananza che si mostra nella forma del confine. Linea dove il visibile tocca l’invisibile. Il visibile appare come raggiungibile, l’invisibile è l’irraggiungibile: con l’uno e con l’altro ha un legame l’altrove.


(Antonio Prete, Trattato della lontananza)

“Trattato della Lontananza”, project for three dancers, is a story of crossing thresholds. The distance becomes border line and a place that belongs to the loneliness and the difficulties to meet and understand each other.

Today the distance is not far but close, thoroughfare, even domestic.

The “Trattato della lontananza” is the place of a inner geography, it is the misguided attempt, clumsy and superficial, to meet the other, to attract his attention, not to feel lost and isolated, because the other is a primordial need. But to really meet someone is complicated, as it is thinking of the other as a landing place, a savior, someone who welcomes us without misgiving. The ongoing encounters and clashes between the performers show the inability, motivated by pride, fear and insecurity, to offer ourselves with loyalty. But the risk is to be a bad copy of ourselves.

We share houses, beds, children, work, public transport, tables at the restaurant, crowded beaches.

We are so close, but yet so far away. (E. Sciannamea)

(...) C'est d'une incroyable beauté tant les mouvements sont légers et fluides en même temps que d'une précision extrême. Ce n'est pas vraiment une histoire qui nous est racontée, pas de début ni de fin. Mais des gestes de la vie quotidienne qui apparaissent soudain comme éminemment poétiques pour se trouver peu à peu entraînés dans une folie burlesque, avec parfois un cri ou un rire qui s'exacerbe jusqu'à devenir dérangeant. Le public est saisi, émerveillé, complètement sous le charme de ces trois êtres magnifiques aux gestes aériens.

(N. Bourbon, Reg Arts)


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regia e coreografie

direction and choreography

Emanuele Sciannamea



Pieradolfo Ciulli, Roberta De Rosa, Stefano Roveda

costumi e scene

costumes and scenes







Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa, Festival TEATRO A CORTE, Festival Oerol

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with the support of

Regione Piemonte, MIBACT