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The Zerogrammi company was founded and is still directed by the choreographer and director Stefano Mazzotta.Trained first at the school ofKoreja Theater Construction Sites and then graduated fromPaolo Grassi Civic School of Dramatic Arts in 2000, he built his own artistic vision in the name ofcontamination of genres and languages. In his formative years he studied with masters including Jan Cebron, Beatrice Libonati, Bruce Michelson, Marco Baliani, Raffaella Giordano, Michele Abbondanza, Maria Consagra. He was an interpreter for Ismael Ivo in Brazil and Germany and in Italy during his direction at the Venice Biennale. He worked in France for Hervè Koubi, in Italy for Luca Veggetti, Avi Kaiser, Monica Casadei, Roberto Zibetti, Pier Luigi Pizzi, Susanna Beltrami. With Zerogramma he has produced, since 2005, productions in collaboration with prestigious international theaters and festivals in Italy, Portugal (O Espaco do Tempo, Teatro Municipal Maria Matos, Devir Capa, Materiais Diversos), France (TNG Lyon), Russia (Tsekh, Gogol Theater, Stantsia), Singapore (Esplanade Theater ), Holland (Oerol Festival), Germany (Theater Osnabruck), Spain, Taiwan (National Theater & Concert Hall), Finland, Iceland, Switzerland (Theater du Galpon) obtaining prizes and recognitions including the covetedGolden Mask from the Bolshoi Theater in 2012, theHystrio Award in 2013 and theDance&Dance AwardIn the 2021. 

In the artistic trajectory that leads to choreographic creation, over the years he has conceived and directed numerous projects that have been able to use the languages of the scene at the service of educational, social and community contexts, involving organizations and institutions operating in fields transversal to the artistic one and carrying out at the same time an intense activity as a trainer and tutor. Among the major collaborations are Tsekh (Moscow, Russia), University of Turin (Italy), University of Salento, Paolo Grassi Civic School of Dramatic Arts (Italy), Interconnessioni (Italy), C.R.E.A. (Italy), Icelandic Red Cross. He has been directing since 2012LUFT HOUSE, headquarters of his company and choreographic production house in Piedmont, where he coordinates a complex project that unfolds between production, artistic residency and professional training (over 100 projects and authors supported and produced since 2012). Since 2018 it is member of the RTO managing the Laundry a Vapore, European house of EDN dance and residency center for dance in Piedmont. The attention to the territory, to the complexities generated by the coexistence of cultural diversity is part, in his cultural rather than artistic vision, of a vocation for relationships that uses artistic language as a tool for cohesion and growth in comparison. 

His creative methodology has consolidated over time the ability to connect choreographic creation to a complex program of Italian and foreign residencies and co-productions, training and exchange activities between artists of different backgrounds and backgrounds. The artistic path, informed and enriched by the suggestions deriving from the experience of different languages and contexts, becomes (as well as functional to the definition of live performance projects) the driving force of numerous different and parallel outputs capable of achievingan amplified user basei: around the definition of his creations, he signed over time editorial products, photographic catalogs and film projects including the most recentElegia of lost things, awarded in 2022 as Best Film at international festivals including Riff (Norway), PDFF (USA), Experimental dance festival (Canada), International meeting on video dance (Spain). The dialogue and the contaminations that arise from this planning richness, mixing literature, photography, video and plastic arts with the dance language, become stages of atravel diary which is research (also geographical and anthropological) into the most effective form of sharing and scenic honesty built on wordsurgency and necessity. The creative process becomes a dialectical relationship between languages, cultures, different experiences where the loss of one's own identity, to be scratched, bent by the experience of the other, is the first precious step towards the attention that the constructive comparison between uniqueness, l opportunity to undertakea journey of discovery that lies in the dynamic and productive uncertainty of demand.

© zerogrammi
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