Dance and community


un progetto a cura di/a project by



#1 Nardò 13-19 marzo 2011

in collaborazione con/in collaboration with

DANSYSTEM The Puglia Dance Network, Teatri Abitati - Una rete del Contemporaneo, Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, Teatro Comunale di Nardò, Terrammare Teatro, Comune di Nardò, Assessorato al Turismo e al Mediterraneo, Unione Europea Po FESR IV 4.3.2.


#2 Montescudo luglio 2011

in collaborazione con/in collaboration with

Collettivo C_A_P

Dance leaves conventional spaces and goes through the streets of the towns in a parade that is the result of a week of workshops and practices offered to the territory. For a moment the "theater" becomes street, freed from the theatrical frills in red velvet, it rediscovers its deepest meaning. The "theater" that switch on the lights of imagination and dreams, opening, with childish enchantment, dreamlike territories of small cosmogonies. It is the instrument through which words and forms, transcending reality, give us new signs, new meanings, new awareness, since, freed from the aridity of “what is possible”, we enter the territory of the extraordinary, where everything becomes possible. There we discover, with unexpected amazement, the strength of aggregation and the "catharsis" of sharing.