Network and artistic residencies



“SIMPOSIO DEL SILENZIO” - Compagnia Zerogrammi/Torino

“CORPO, SPAZIO, LUOGHI MAPPATURA DELL’EFFIMERO” - Compagnia C.ie Heliotropion Parigi

“WALLPAPER” - Compagnia Sara Angius

“COMA” - Compagnia Diego Sinniger

“Elegìa delle cose perdute” - Zerogrammi

artisti e tutor/artists and tutor

Clotilde Tiradritti, Marianne Rachmuhl, Patrick Matoian, Lucrezia Maria Maimone, Lorenzo Crivellari, Sara Angius, Loretta D'Antuono, ​Simonetta Pusceddu, Anthony Mathieu, Stefano Mazzotta, Elena Ledda

The project Interconnessioni is based on the re-appropriation of emblematic sites, with the aim of re-evaluating the richness of the cultural heritage in the broadest sense, in order to touch the tangible aspects (archaeological, industrial or natural sites) and the more intangible ones as crafts and traditions, or knowledge and practices of the chosen territory. Taking into consideration the peculiarities that characterize the place, the project legitimizes a research work on multidisciplinary languages immersed in what are the peculiarities of identity of Sardinia. The residency project is based on site specific experimentation systems and on the concept of body and space interactions, to reactivate the memory and identity of each site, at the same time reinterpret it and tell it through contemporary languages.