LUFT is a space dedicated to CREATION in the field of live performance, a TRAINING and RESEARCH place that deals with the body as a poetry instrument, encouraging human, artistic and cultural exchanges.


LUFT, "open space", "air" in many languages of Northern Europe, is a HOME: an intimate place of personal, cultural and social evolution. The encounter of different experiences and points of view is for those who live at LUFT, a precious tool for enhancing cultural heritage, to involve, include and eventually increase the quality of life, preserving knowledge, improving skills, supporting emotional intelligence, creativity, and beauty.


The permanent project based at LUFT is conceived, on one hand, for the ARTISTS and TERRITORY, offering a cozy work space for experts in the choreutic and theatrical languages, that protects and supports the development of the artistic idea, and on the other for ALL, promoting a well-structured agenda of training and recreational activities related to body language.



The artistic residence is the prerequisite and starting point in the construction of a space for sharing and comparing good practices, development of skills, protection of creative paths and, not least, constructive dialogue between artists and audience for the benefit of a systematic process of dissemination and education in the field of contemporary performative languages; a bridge with the territory, able to suggest a dynamic idea of cultural and artistic development.

The Training events at LUFT are a natural extension of its creative activities. The constant presence of artists in residence, combined with the creative work of Zerogrammi Dancetheatre, represents a valuable opportunity to get in touch with different techniques and poetics, a gym for dialogue and exchange between artistic visions.

Alongside the actions related to professional creative work, LUFT promotes, for a seasonal course, activities for everyone (classes and workshop) related to the personal well-being through the practice of movement and bodily expression.

Do you need space for your creative idea, promote formative and/or artistic activities, make courses or events? LUFT offers space, tools and solutions to support your project!

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